Santa Justa Elevator


The elevator was inagurated on 10 July 1902. It was builded by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard because the hills of Lisbon have always presented a problem for accessibility in order to facilitate the movement between the main Baixa and the Carmo Square.

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I'm Irina Marques and I'm 31 years old (2013). I was born in Lisbon (Portugal) where I lived until the 7 years, then I moved to Braga and grow up there till I was 22 years I went to Oporto to get my degree in Art History in University of Port during 5 years I lived there. In the end of my degree I came back to Braga. I have various interests, I love the contact with nature, traveling, arts, music, cinema, cooking, photos, make my own experiences and enjoy all that life has good I would love to travel the world! This blog consists in some experiences, adventures, photos and works that I do. And also to show what Portugal (this tiny country) have to offer.
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5 Responses to Santa Justa Elevator

  1. Mjollnir says:

    What an amazing building. I really need to add Lisbon to my list! :-D

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