S. Bento Station in Oporto City

This station was built on the exact spot where once stood the São Bento da Avé-Maria convent that was completely demolished to make way to a station the Douro line has long demanded.


The building was designed by the architect Marques da Silva it begins in 1900 but only ends in 1916.


The building was designed in a U-shape



The atrium lined by more than twenty thousand Painter narrative tiles Jorge Colaco.

Estação de S. Bento

Estação de S. Bento



The tile panels occupy an area exceeding 550 square meters they were produced by Ceramics Factory Lusitana and represent several episodes of the Portugal History, including the “Tournament of Arcos de Valdevez” and “Prince Henry the Conquest of Ceuta “, as well as several moments depicting the history of transportation.

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