Turkey – Istambul – Spice Market

I love spices… So much… My perdition… I lose myself in this market!


When we enter the Spice Market soon feel the smell of all spices and sweets together. The vibrant colors and the inviting sweets saying ” please take me home!” But unfortunately was limited to 30 kg on the plane, so I had to restrain myself … as far as possible.
And Türk Lokumu were the best candy I ate, it’s a pity I can not find anywhere in Portugal, I think I’ll have to return to Turkey to eat this delicacy again! Here we can find all kind of dried fruits, spices for all tastes the underfull Turkish Delight and all kind of teas.
Traders are an extreme kindness and made a great effort to try to understand (those who don’t speak english), in my case, to know where I was (the ones that don’t know Portugal) I enough speak the word Cristiano Ronaldo.


egyptian bazaar istanbul




Someday I’ll come back! I simply loved this place.

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