Happy new year 20!

I know people, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have to tell that english isn’t my best.

But today, with a new year here, and with a new kind of light I wish to tell you all that I will be here, always. Even if I don’t publish every day I will do my art, and try to keep the other place alive (meaning IG and Facebook), and the other blog in portuguese (probably the one you were following till last year isn’t online anymore – had a problem with that account lost all content, work, followers, friends, conversations…).

Irinavpmarques.wordpress.com isn’t online anymore, sorry.

I will always keep my closest friends around in this messy messy place. I will not leave here, that’s the only promise I can keep with this english. 😊

See you all, every day, and keep your good work and fighting. Let’s make this new year better with the lessons from the previous years.