I don’t know

I don’t know,

but I believe I found many pieces of others,

and me.


I believe that a day I touch a dark part of someone,

trying to reach something,

that vanish because I couldn’t handle,

the explanation and the missing pieces.


I believe I had to move because,

I show the start to someone,

that don’t believe in my dreams,

and told me that I was crazy,

that don’t understand,

and now believes and I,

just saw a shadow.

Dreamers are dreamers,

and we are all dreamers.


Let’s hope this year will be better,

all it’s my fault.


Keep my small flame next to me.

Small steps, moving forward.


I will remain here,

in this world,

with the hope that dreams can become true.

Thru art in all forms.


Blessed day/night to all.

And wishing a peace environment in the sky in this mess up world.