Photography – Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

In Aveiro, Portugal, there are some striped colorful houses in Costa Nova. They are known as "palheiros" which means haystack. They were used by the fishermen that lived in this typical village to store their fishing nets. Today, this "palheiros" have been restored and brought their beautiful colors back the same you can find in "moliceiros" the boats … Continue reading Photography – Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal


Photography – Rua Augusta Arch, Lisbon

Dates 1873. In portuguese Arco da Rua Augusta, was build to commemorate the city reconstruction after a huge earthquake in 1755. Has six columns and is adorned with statues of historical figures. On front the space is filled with the coat arms of Portugal. On the left the statue of Vasco da Gama and indented Marquês de … Continue reading Photography – Rua Augusta Arch, Lisbon