Photography – Rua Augusta Arch, Lisbon





Dates 1873.

In portuguese Arco da Rua Augusta, was build to commemorate the city reconstruction after a huge earthquake in 1755.

Has six columns and is adorned with statues of historical figures.

On front the space is filled with the coat arms of Portugal. On the left the statue of Vasco da Gama and indented Marquês de Pombal. On the right Viriato and Nuno Alvares Pereira. The two recumbent figures represents the rivers Tagus and Douro.

In the top a allegorical group that represents Glory rewarding Valor and Genius, made by the french aculptor Célestin Anatole Calmels.


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    1. Oh, this photo was taken last year. Yes, but in Lisbon we get some very beautiful skys. It’s a very bright city.
      Thank you for your comment Graham. A nice day 😉

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