How many times? How often we destroy ourselves, in life, in moments, in time, to become a better version, of our experiences. So many… So many times, I destroy my own work, in the wrong way, I clean my timeline existence, person without history, just my thoughts, stay with me. Myself. So many times, I … Continue reading Times.

Second lesson – Materials

Ready? To make a mandala you don't need much - mostly will and disposition - it is the first phase. The second is the support where to draw and with which to draw. Any paper or support will do. For those who are starting I suggest sheets of paper but later they can be applied … Continue reading Second lesson – Materials

Mandala Violet Opus (poem in portuguese)

Portuguese poem Componho em gesto flor, inicio em jornada, agora terminada, de alquimia gerada, sua magia esperada, intuitiva, unindo céu e terra. A calma impera, no segredo místico, reflexivo, do pensamento à razão, passamos pela intuição, inspiração, meditação… Transformação a positividade, através da liberdade, contida na cor e flor, para algo superior. Equilíbrio e resolução, … Continue reading Mandala Violet Opus (poem in portuguese)

Stay home and be responsible (for those who have to stay home)

There is so much to ... ... create, ... imagine, ... paint, ... write.   When you are a artist... ... create content, ... create universes, ... make the world a better place, ... make a point with your message.   Despite all the measures... ... unifies the world, ... unifies societies, ... create a … Continue reading Stay home and be responsible (for those who have to stay home)


I threw some words to the wind, to see what he will bring,   back to me.   The echoes of a song, or the whisper of the silence, neither way is wrong.   You can only appreciate the silence, when you know the noise, you can only be mindful, when you understand how deepful, your … Continue reading Words