Not today

Oh today…

one more day,

they say…

But I want to fly way,

of this confinement,

that catch me looking outside,

the window,

they say,

you have to stay.


But it isn’t a day,

already past a week,

two week,

and I can’t count no more,

I lose track,

and I don’t go back,

don’t trust my thoughts anymore,

they close a door,

trapped inside,

to pulse emotion,

and tear apart rationality,

a point of decomposition,

so arises anxiety.


One more day,

not today.


– Irina Marques

Poem and photography by Irina Marques. The photo was taken in a street in Porto, Portugal called Rua Sá da Bandeira.


6 thoughts on “Not today

  1. Muy bien Irina! Has dicho lo que estamos diciendo todos por estos Deus lares…pero vala, es poco el sacrificio que hay que hacer para mantenerse bien y que esta pandemia termine. Nuestros paises han sufrido mucho pero esto pasara…Bellas obras las tuyas, como siempre publicas. Que estes bien, un fuerte abrazo de tu vecino valenciano,

    1. Sim Francisco, isto é uma fase, vai ficar tudo bem.
      Entretanto compomos, pintamos, escrevemos, criamos para que ajude a passar esta fase e para que este distanciamento esteja mais perto através de outros meios, uma expressão para a união.
      Um abraço esperançoso amigo.

      1. My pleasure, Irina. And my sister has in fact checked out You site, loved Your work and says she is going to take Your course after she completes the painting she is working on. Yay!!! Thank You for the hug! I return it! 🤗❤️😊

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