Technical problems with comments on WordPress

To all my readers I would like to apologize because I am having problems with reading the comments that leave me in the posts.

I don’t know if there is a problem with the WordPress platform because I’ve seen people with the same problem.

I am not receiving comment notifications. I get the likes but if you leave me a comment I will have to manually open the post and see if I have any messages in the comments area.

Due to this factor it may happen that in older posts some message may have been left unread and in the newer posts there is some delay in the reply because I have to confirm the comments answered one by one.

By this I do not mean to stop writing because I love the interaction with all of you, it is gratifying to receive feedback from posts, chat a little, share ideas – they take us to other inspirations and themes in the future. What I mean is that probably and without guilt some comment can go unanswered without meaning to.

I still don’t understand if this is happening to all users of the platform or if it is a technical problem that only me and some others will be experiencing. I did not change any settings in the comment policies, I continue with the notifications on.
I only hope that this situation will be resolved quickly.

Thank you for reading this,

Irina Marques.

12 thoughts on “Technical problems with comments on WordPress

  1. Hola Irina, eso mismo me ha pasado a mi, y sigue asi, tengo que ir a ver los comentarios pues ya no salen en las notificaciones que uno ve cuando uno pincha la campanilla…venga, algo mas que hay que aprender. Un abrazo amiga mia y que estes bien,

    1. De acordo com o Graham, ele partilhou a informação, e creio que o WordPress já está a par desta situação e a tratar dela Francisco.
      Vamos ver se resolve rápido.

      1. Si, creo que ya se va resolviendo, hasta ahora he visto que me estan saliendo los comentarios en las notificaciones como antes. Ojala se haya resuelto el problemillo…
        Un abrazo mi amiga,

      1. They say they have now fixed it. This was posted yesterday on the forum thread:

        “Thank you for your patience. The comment notification issue has been fixed.

        Unfortunately, any comments made from April 21st at 9AM UTC, until today at 2PM UTC will not ever reappear.

        However, on your end, you can use this link to catch up on your conversations you may have missed:

        We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

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