In all the colors I reside,

in my feeling the red,

today capture my eye,

a rose in the garden,

mess up with my head,

an energetic move pop up inside.


My thought was taken to so many fields,

and imagination let me fly in the sky,

feeling that I’m not trapped inside this walls.


We make our journey day by day,

in a world we don’t know how it’s gonna be,

today or tomorrow, the future will tell us the way.

Even in those days the Spring is here,

showing us the flowers,

the nature continues to follow the path,

renewing itself invigorating

like this rose,

came to life to breath.

And in the color brought me hope,

and joy in the nature artwork,

which the symbolism can be vast,

beats me inside and it’s fast.


What it represents?

In history much is said about a red rose,

love, freedom, respect,

it’s up to you to chose.


So in this words I give it to you, 

as a sign of a thankyou.


Today the first blog I created three years ago was a birth day of the first post. Unfortunately that blog disappeared due to mistakes made in the course of life. However I will continue to celebrate this day because that was when I started this journey through blogs, in writing. Despite only giving full dedication and functionality to this one since the beginning of this year.

11 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. Thank YOU, Beautiful Irina! Happy Anniversary! Your lovely rose and this wonderful poem gifted me much. I gasped when I saw the rose and Your poem exactly expresses much of what I’ve been feeling of late. Sending You huge hugs and wishes for a wonderful weekend!!! 🤗❤️😊

  2. Muy bien Irina y muitos parabens en tu blog-aniversario! Bella obra que has escrito tambien, muy llena de imagenes que convida a uno a unirse a las emociones que vas creando. Que pases un domingo feliz y una semana tambien.
    Un abrazo,

    1. Muito obrigado Francisco.
      Oficialmente este deveria ser o dia que comemoraria no meu antigo blogue que tenho muita pena de o ter perdido, mas pronto, faz parte da vida.
      Um abraço.

      1. Entiendo y te felicito por un bello trabajo artístico en el blog que has perdido y en este. Siempre, mucha suerte,
        Un fuerte abrazo,

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