Spinning words.

I have this spinning mind,

messes with my head all the time,

I don’t really think about it,

but she is here,

crossing wires,

making jumps,

balancing rythmes,  

she is free,

I can’t control,

It’s like a balloon that flows,

and goes up into the air,

never know,

when to stop.

Goes up up up,

into the ceiling,

and I feel my spirit start leaving.


Carries me away

even when I want to stay,

blows and goes,

words spread,

into my own head,

pretending is meaningful,

not harmful,

but I see myself talking to the moon,

in the darkness she says,

take this weapon for the fight

is a pen, I see a harpoon.


Internal revolution,

the instrument it’ just a reflex,

of a mind in confusion,

trying to make sense.


I have this spinning mind,

makes me forward and rewind,

I really don’t think about it,



– Irina Marques

Photography and poem by Irina Marques. The photo was token in Kapadokya, Göreme on Turkey.

7 thoughts on “Spinning words.

  1. Muy intersesante e introspectiva este poema que nos has presentado Irina…crea imagenes en la mente y lo lleva a uno por tus pasos de una manera artistica muy bien escrito. Un saludo de Espanya y te deseo que estes bien,
    Un abrazo,

  2. It’s so amazing how can I relate so much to your poems, I always feel that somehow they touch me in my deepest thoughts and feeling.
    You have a incredible way of describing emotions it’s like I don’t want to stop reading.
    Thank you Irina.

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