Shinny Mandala work process

This is commission work, a specific order placed by a customer.

They didn’t ask for anything in particular about the design, instead they asked about a variety of colors.

It’s just wonderful when they give me total freedom to be able to make the design I want.

mandala 1.jpg
The beginning, center of the drawing.

But things are not that simple. They start simple but then we add content to make the work more interesting.

The requested colors were – red, orange and roasted yellow.

And in a palette with such a diversity of color, the colors belonged are fantastic in many ways, but they can bring combined problems.

20200329_140350 (1).jpg
Adding more patterns.

Here my research work begins. When I create an artistic work I like it to have my personal stamp but that in a way represents something from those who commissioned the work.

Even if the information you have is little there is always something that we can identify as the personal taste of the person in question and that marks his personality or his characteristics.

In the case in question, they provided me with information on where the work would be and what colors I would play with.


So I can see the number of times that the person will cross the work, if it will be in a place of emphasis – because all these issues are very important. The artwork will convey something especially emotions and feelings and they have to be adapted to the person in question and their experience.


The colors I was asked for represent a range of emotions – vitality, energy, liveliness, joy, life, love, enthusiasm, power, courage, strength, dedication, confidence, friendship, loyalty, family, warmth, glory, passion …

But these same colors, if they are over-conjugated or mis-conjugated, can bring negative feelings – anxiety, worry, confusion, frustration, irritation, anger, fear, nervousness …

It is necessary to see the color scales and how I can combine them.

Experiences finding the perfect tones to combine.

After much study of the colors and patterns involved, the work begins to take on a little shape.

I believe that the name related to sun and brightness – energy, has a lot to do with the style of drawing and coloring I am doing.

The name Shinny Mandala fits well in all its message and feelings that belong to awaken.

First hand of colors.


Adding more color and adjusting the first ones.

This Mandala is already in a finishing process, I just need to make the outline lines to make it detailed. At the end, I present the final work.

I hope you enjoyed this post which involves a little bit of the way I create my art and how I develop it, when it comes to ordering in this case.

Each mandala I make is always something very specific where I put a lot of dedication and study. Study of materials, colors, symbolism, spaces, and what it can represent. It is always up to those who observe it, to make their own interpretation and reading.

– Irina Marques

19 thoughts on “Shinny Mandala work process

  1. Hola Irina, venga, me has dejado alucinado, mare meva! Que proceso! Increíble! Eres una artista fascinante, con mucho talento y profunda sabiduría, no es que ya eso no lo supiera pero al hacer esta descripción uno realmente se siente dentro del mundo tuyo. Muy interesante y bella la obra. Parabienes!

    1. 😊 Deixaste-me sem palavras Francisco.
      Este é apenas um processo, acho que cada obra tem sua própria voz, seu próprio processo, criatividade, inspiração…
      A arte fala, nós artistas, apenas somos os portadores da sua voz.
      Um abraço bem forte amigo meu.

      1. Lo has dicho muy bien Irina, el arte fala y nos artistas apenas somos os portadores da sua voz. Preciso y perfecto ese planteamiento. Un saludo y un abrazo iberico,

  2. You are right. Mandalas have a history attached which explains a lot about life. I guess I am right on this.
    Beautiful Irina. I love the colour palette.

    1. Yes, you are right. Mandalas are attached to all human beeing – nature and psycological.
      Thank you Kritika, thank you very much.

  3. Incredible description of how you proced with your artwork. I like very much to understand this artistic mind and set. Congrats.

    1. Thank you so much Graham. In this post I explain a litle of my creative mind 😊
      It’s not always the same each artwork have is own voice.

    1. Muito compensador PedroL, eu gosto muito de todo o processo, ter a o papel branco à frente, imaginar e compor o que quero criar, ver crescer, atribuir as cores… tudo é prazeroso. E no fim, ver o resultado, sim, é gratificante.
      Também me sinto gratificada e feliz que alguém aprecie esta arte.

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