Porcelain Mandala, second project.

The other day I sold my artwork called Porcelain Mandala, it was a acrylic paint over canvas paper with 30 x 30 cm and a mandala 25 cm diameter.

Mandala - Porcelana
Porcelain Mandala, 30 x 30 cms, acrylic on canvas paper, by Irina Marques. From a private collection.

I really like the artwork from the detail of the drawing till the color I use all combine in a marvellous piece of sweet harmony and grace. With In exceptional and delicate forms.

Mandala - Porcelana(detalhe)

So I started a new one based on the one I sold. I try to use the same details and patterns but make some differences because I don’t like to repeat artworks.

Starting point of the new Porcelain Mandala.

The patterns at some point are the same but then I finished with a new ones combining old and new and giving a fresh look to this one.

Porcelain Mandala, new project, waiting for color.

The colors that I will use will be pretty much the same of the other one – light grey, pink and light blue with gold outlines.

The process of coloring takes a little more time then drawing. I spend 7 hours drawing this lines.

Let’s give her some color.

– Irina Marques


15 thoughts on “Porcelain Mandala, second project.

    1. Bastante Francisco, já fazia falta uns dias quentes, depois de tudo isto que havemos passado. As coisas já começam a melhorar e o tempo está a colaborar meu amigo.
      Abraço 😉

      1. Si, el tiempo en Valencia esta perfecto…esperamos entrar en Fase 2 el lunes, si Dios quiere, y eso nos permitira ir a la playa…ya que vivo a unos 12k de la playa no he podido ir, ni siquiera a ver el mar, desde febrero…asi que aqui estamos muy felices y anticipando viajes mas largos y ver el mar…

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