Leveza no horizonte (republicação)

  Luminosidade mágica no ar, o tom de amarelo quer-me falar, aconchega e diz baixinho  que tem algo para me contar.   Segreda que há um sol a raiar, e, sem grandes, distúrbios, começa, levemente, a subir, até para cima do horizonte chegar.   Já no horizonte as cores são outras, um azul celestes e … Continue reading Leveza no horizonte (republicação)

Mess up canvas (part III)

If you didn't see the past posts about this canvas and have curiosity about the making and development I leave the links in here: First part - Mess up canvas  Second part - Mess up (part II)   Now, for the post today... "Enjoying the process. I don't know here I'm going and I move … Continue reading Mess up canvas (part III)

Painter feeling, a little of myself

I really love creating. It is something that is inside of me and I cannot spend a single day without writing, painting, photographing or even composing. If I don't, it's a day without any sense for me. I cannot explain this feeling properly, it is as if a flame burns inside me and its combustion … Continue reading Painter feeling, a little of myself