Painter feeling, a little of myself

I really love creating.

It is something that is inside of me and I cannot spend a single day without writing, painting, photographing or even composing.
If I don’t, it’s a day without any sense for me. I cannot explain this feeling properly, it is as if a flame burns inside me and its combustion has to come out – from one form or another – it has to be released, expressed.

I dedicate so much time to my works and they represent a very large part of me. It is like a puzzel that asks for the piece is assembled, defined and built.

Often, these pieces end up in other people’s homes, and I confess that I like to feel that part of me is being treated well. Many times, they send me pictures of where they put my work of art, and honestly I am very gratified with the final result. The knowledge that someone likes and exposes what I do.

Here, I do not have the representation of all the paintings I have sold, not all of them send me the photos, but of the few who sent me, I leave their registration and how proud I am of where they are and with whom they are.

Trees, 2020, Private colection, Braga.
Mandala N, 2020, Private colection, Braga.
Abstraction, 2009, Private Colection, Braga.
Lisbon tram, 2018, Private colection, Lisboa.
Abstraction, 2009, Private colection, Braga.
Cat’s Playground, 2018, Private Colection, Porto.
The oposite – Trees, 2010, Private colection, Braga.



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