Mess up canvas (part III)

If you didn’t see the past posts about this canvas and have curiosity about the making and development I leave the links in here:

First part – Mess up canvas 

Second part – Mess up (part II)


Now, for the post today…

“Enjoying the process. I don’t know here I’m going and I move in slow motion. “


This is how it looks right now. The canvas is composed by three parts of 20x60cm. Together make 60x60cm.

At the moment I’m in a really slow process due to the details. But I really like to do this small lines.


O already start painting another one on the corner.


This artwork is a really slow painting and I still don’t know how it’s gonna end. I’m just flowing with the canvas.

I don’t have name. Probably I only can name it in the end.

I hope you like it. And I post for updates.



20 thoughts on “Mess up canvas (part III)

  1. This is SOOOO thrilling! I’m crazy in love with this one, Irina. WOW, YAY and Rock on with Your Beautiful Self!!! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🌀🌀🌀!

      1. That’s pretty much how my pieces all are. Slow and I’m kindof just along for the ride. It’s always fun seeing where they take me!!! And Thank You! I hope You have a nice week as well!!! 🤗❤️😊

  2. Such a metaphor for life. Learning to take it slow, filling in the empty canvas little by little until all is revealed and completed. A cycle of a life. Such a patient approach to art and life you have. Thanks for sharing it.

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