Delicate Mandala

“The derivation mandala.”

Why derivation? My impulse to create this mandala appears as a need to fill a space, with patterns and colors, is the derivation of Porcelain Mandala.

Porcelain Mandala, already inhabits the universe, from a private collection. As I really liked the color combination used, I tried to make a new one, inspired by the previous one, although with small variations because I don’t like to repeat works.


Its center is totally inspired by the aforementioned mandala, because I liked the patterns and their combination provides a delicate and detailed look.


Its details and grace, resembled a piece of porcelain, harmonious and delicate. From this point on, I started to make my derivation, I did not want an equal project, but inspired.

tratada 1.jpg

Its final result was a little more elaborate than the Porcelain Mandala, I tried to explore a few more details and give it a softer touch and delicacy.

It was time to start coloring. The color palette didn’t differ much, I just didn’t accentuate the blues too much, I wanted the colors to be softer, neutral, not to be so ostentatiously. I stayed for the pink colors that contrasted with the blue, some notes in darker gray that played with its lighter tones, and to stand out, some golden notes.




This time I left out the use of black and dark blue, leaving the palette with more neutral colors.

I really appreciated his final result, in which he escaped the mandala in which I was inspired a little, and I could still play with new details, do some experiments.



I use acrylic on canvas paper, and the size was 30x30cm.

Did you like the final result? Look at the Porcelain Mandala and tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading and for your time, see you next time.

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23 thoughts on “Delicate Mandala

  1. IRINA!!! Firstly….please accept my apology for the name blunder (AGAIN!) at my place. And….I LOVE both this one and Your original. They are soooo beautiful. I’ll simply never have the words to tell You how much the precise exquisiteness of Your work blows my mind. Truly wonderful! Thank You, Cheers and HUGE hugs!!! 🤗❤️😊

    1. You really don’t need to apologyze so much please! It’s ok, really… since it’s not a insult, I’m happy to be so many other people XD (sometimes I feel like that)
      And thank you so much Katy, really glad you like it.
      A very huge hug my friend.

      1. My pleasure, Irina!!! I’ve told my sweet man a few times that if we ever win the lottery there are a few artists from around the world I want to buy pieces from and You are high up on that list!!! And THANK YOU!!! No more apologies! 🤣❤️🌀🙏🏼🤗

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