Here we go again
in the present station
trying to get the train
that will lead us to improvisation.

Why? Wondering
if sometimes I miss something
I don’t know.

Some days I don’t feel like me
my thoughts and feels
are combine in a sense of nonsense
from time to time
eventually they will pass
like someone break a glass
they don’t last
a piece here and there
eventually they cast.

From station to stations where I go
a day of dreaming
another full of snow
and I really miss those day dream
the unreal and the mist
look like a good team
but my move have to get slow
the train won’t stop
and I can’t get any place to go.

I have so many questions in my head
but I kept in doubt instead
I really appreciate the unknown
moves so much as it was my own
leading me to places that mess with my mind
so memories I don’t want to remind
they are only a piece of a kind.

I guess I will never understand some thoughts
leave them, letting them go,
it’s better that way
they don’t appear to stay.

So I move from station to stations
thru time,
the one that belongs to me
it’s only mine
and if the train don’t stop
I move along too
like a passenger on a seat,
a defeat
life and ignore
can’t happen no more.

– Irina Marques

Image Brian Kndeneh on Unsplash

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13 thoughts on “Stations

  1. This is really cool, Irina. Left me feeling floaty and had the rhythm of being on a train for me….a gently rocking one…love it. Thank You! 🤗❤️😊

  2. So beautifully expressed Irons! What are we but travelers on the train of time. We cross so many stations of life, stop a while and then move on with memories.

  3. Mágicas palabras que te trasladan a ese viaje interior donde cada uno transitamos la aventura de vivir. La imagen, de la mítica estación de subterráneo de Retiro, una de las principales de Buenos Aires. No debe haber porteño que no tenga una “estación de su vida” asociada a la estación Retiro. Vorágine de millones de almas que se trasladan por la “Ciudad de la Furia”, de día, de noche, de jóvenes de viejos. Estaciones de tren, como las que invocan la leyenda de Tango Feroz.

    1. Estações, locais tão importantes nas nossas vidas, onde esperamos, paramos, pensamos. A vida passa mesmo por elas Sebastian, as nossas vidas passam de estações em estações.
      E sim, existem estações belíssimas, um regalo à vista, autenticas obras de arte em que nós, fazemos parte delas.
      Um abraço forte.

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