My Mandalas

This is a post where I demonstrate how my mandalas evolved over time, starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent.
Hope you like it.

Mandala 1 - Cópia
Mandala Vibrations, 03.2018.
Mandala Negra I
The Flower, 07.2018
Mandala Branca
The Royale Mandala, 02.2019
Mandala Cinza
Into the Grey Mandala, 02.2019
Mandala sobre fundo preto
Fantasy Mandala, 03.2019
Warm Mandala, 04.2019
Mandala - Porcelana
Porcelain Mandala, 09.2019
Earth Mandala
Earth Mandala, 10.2019
Harmony Mandala, 11.2019
N Mandala, 01.2020
Mandala Calma
Calm Mandala, 02.2020
Mandala composição violeta
Violet Opus Mandala, 03.2020
Shinny Mandala square 1024px logo
Shinny Mandala, 04.2020
Delicate Mandala, 07.2020

Well, now I’m working in a huge one, so…

Let’s wait to see the result of the “Mess up Mandala”, I will change the name but till now it’s what I have.

Have a lovely weekend.

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15 thoughts on “My Mandalas

  1. Wonderful work. I think my favourite one is “Into the Grey Mandala, 02.2019”. Have a lovely weekend, Irina.


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