The long awaited vacation has arrived!

After so much waiting they finally arrived – the holidays.

Finally, I will be able to sunbathe and scald (because with my shade it is a normal thing to happen). And with temperatures of 30 to 33 degrees in the Algarve, not even the shade can handle the heat, but that’s okay – Vacations time.

Finally, I will be able to put my feet in the sand. Of course I could have done it already, but the beachesin the North (where I Live) do not have sand, but pebbles that hurt your feet and the relaxing feeling and pleasure when you set foot in the sand is replaced by pain.

Finally I will be able to go to the water. After “toasting” in the sun, taking a dip in the more moderate waters of the Algarve. Because here in the north I go into the water and I get hypothermia right away, yes, these wonderful 16 degrees are not easy to bear on the body. (yes 16 degrees or colder, you read right)

Finally, good weather on the beach, understand, sun and heat instead of the sandstorms, cold and clouds so common on the northern beaches.

Finally, I will be able to walk through the extensive sands and observe the diverse fauna and flora that the swell brings us. Instead of stumbling over rocks and crippling me as is so common around here.

Now, after making a little explanation of the differences between the beaches in the north and south of my country, with a little willingness to follow, I add:

Finally, I will rest…

And as the “owner” goes on vacation, so will the blog.

Probably, if there is opportunity and availability, I will be able to share one or another photo or thought during these days, but as I am on vacation I will not have daily posts, as it happens. I will also not be able to follow the comments left nor will I be able to follow your blogs.

I will try to do this when arriving on vacation, or if there is a little time and internet, in this period probably only my instagram account will be active and even then, with little interaction.

Until then, a kiss and hugs.

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      1. 🙏sim e como tras….espero em breve ir para essa tranquilidade…obrigada..abraço e fica c Deus

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