Vacation details II

Soft brise

Blue sky

Absorve and relax

Don’t think to much

Just enjoy each moment

The salt smell

She sun that lights

The relaxing sound of waves

Sand on the feet

It’s the perfect moment

The right moment

– Irina Marques

8 thoughts on “Vacation details II

    1. Yes, in one of the photos is a jellyfish. They appear very often in here mostly dead. But even so they are a litle dangerous.
      The sky is lovely blue.
      Thank you Deb. When I came back I will see your post sorry I’m a litle distant at the moment.

    1. Esta parte da praia é quase deserta. Um pequeno paraíso Nicole.
      Peço desculpa não estar a acompanhar os vossos blogues, estou de férias, quando voltar ponho-me a par.
      Um abraço.

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