What I learn from vacations

My vacations are near the end. Next week I will come back with new projects and new phases.

During this time I didn’t think too much about work by I come to the conclusion that I need to make it easy to do it.

As an independent artist I have to make the most of my time to create and promote myself, because I do everything myself, and it is a lot of work.

Being an artist is not easy, contrary to what many think. There is still a kind of thinking that being an artist is a luxury. I can tell you, no, it is not. It requires a lot of work, a lot of time, it is getting out of work and continuing to work because it is part of our life, to live from art is to be thinking about it and living it twenty-four hours a day without rest.

An independent artist who does not create and does not promote himself does not receive, there is no minimum fund or salary for when it is not sold and I can guarantee that when you are at the beginning it is very, very difficult.

Nowadays selling any type of art is facilitated by the use of the internet but a lot of investment is needed. I can’t put my works up for sale if I don’t pay for the place where they are being displayed, and if I don’t sell, I don’t have the money to pay for those places.

Being an artist independently requires a lot, above all and in the beginning, we start selling to acquaintances and friends, little by little the word spreads and doors start to open – very slowly.
If we do not have friends who publicize our work and appreciate what we strive to do, it is almost impossible to continue doing it.

It is a very complicated world that many say “go to work” and what they do not understand is that they work, a lot. A person linked to the arts, like me, cannot live properly in society, due to the rules, laws and impositions made. I’ve tried and got sick, got sick so deeply that I didn’t even have the strength to get up, talk, live.

Art is a therapy and escape from the reality that one wants to impose on me and that I cannot accept, so I live and build other realities, providing other looks for those who want to see them.

After this vacation retreat I learned that I don’t have to be afraid to be an artist or call any kind of derogatory comment about what I do. Because what I do I have to value and if I don’t do it I just depend on myself, I live in constant insecurity whether things work or not. But everything just depends on me and the help of those who appreciate my work.

When I return from vacation I will return with a new spirit, more organized and fighting in my work, in my arts.

I still have a lot to learn and fight. Study to update myself and learn how to promote myself, because I am zero in this matter. My time doesn’t stretch and or I study and learn or create, if I don’t create I don’t receive profits.

The next stage of my life will then be a real challenge and an attempt at organization.


22 thoughts on “What I learn from vacations

    1. Fico muito grata Nicole, vou tentar lutar por ele.
      Um abraço grande, e peço desculpa este tempo sem dizer nada, mas andei ausente. Agora voltei, continuarei.
      Um abraço forte.

  1. Art gets to the heart of the meaning of life. Those who can show that through their art are a gift to those who don’t create art but need to see expressions of life. It’s important and so what you do is important.
    May you continue to find joy in creating your art and sharing it with others,

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiring words Emanuel. I will try to continue sharing my works let’s see what the future brings.
      Have a nice and lovely day my friend.

  2. Irina, when your creations adorn someone’s wall and gives them happiness everytime they look at your art, some of that happiness must be getting transferred to you also 🙂
    A creative person like you must have picked up so many inspirations for new art from your vacation …

    1. Thank you so much for you kind and gentil words Deb. I really try.
      Yes I got so many inspirations in these vacations that I will change some things in my work.
      Also till the end of the year my life is going to change a litle so… let’s see what the future brings.
      A big hug for you my friend.

    1. É tão verdade Bea, quando temos estes sentimentos artísticos é um pouco difícil fugir deles.
      Agradeço-lhe imenso, desejo-lhe muito sucesso também. um beijo grande.

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