Into the Fall

The fall as come
to stay
leafs on the sound
the cracking noise
orange, red and yellow
combine with brown
all around
my view
new reborn
leave the old
and prepare for the new.

Preparing for new changes and new thoughts come in my way.

Into the Fall I will answer this call.

– Irina Marques

Images & writing by the author.


12 thoughts on “Into the Fall

  1. Even as the pupa leaves the beautiful cocoon to move to a new life, so does life itself always flow towatds New ideas and directions. The colours of fall are beautiful, but so is the bright new leaf that grows after the fall.

    Beautiful photos and poem, but even more beautiful thoughts Irina, you are a true artist 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Deb, the Fall is very inspiring for me.
      The old meet the new and new ideas came into life You are very kind.
      Have a lovely day, hope everything is good with you and yours 🙂

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