Into the Fall

"The fall as cometo stayleafs on the soundthe cracking noiseorange, red and yellowcombine with brownall aroundmy viewnew rebornleave the oldand prepare for the new." Preparing for new changes and new thoughts come in my way. Into the Fall I will answer this call. - Irina Marques Images & writing by the author.

Art life

Balanced on a swing goes up and down don’t let think. About what? In metaphor I navigate with no doubt. Try to express  not impress feeling too intense but make no sound do not disturb what is around. To direct mess up and became incorrect I can’t express myself in right words somehow they became … Continue reading Art life

Impermanência do efémero (portuguese poetry)

For my friend Edsilva   O tempo consome, modifica, altera, nosso percurso que é apenas um fragmento  de um todo maior momento na história passa a memória  de quem pertence recordar.   Quantas estações passam e testemunham momentos  num labirinto de pensares que pedem por atenções. Tudo se altera, disseram.   Sim, tudo volta à … Continue reading Impermanência do efémero (portuguese poetry)