Post importante sobre Rede de Pedofilia

- AO MENOS LER POR FAVOR - Porque a internet também serve para fornecer informação e não só, ser criativo. Hoje o meu post foge ao conteúdo do meu blogue e todo o seu conteúdo é baseado no meu juízo de valor. Este meu post vem como forma de aviso a todas as pessoas que … Continue reading Post importante sobre Rede de Pedofilia

How to ask for a coffee in Portugal?

If you are like me and need a strong coffee in the morning otherwise my inside monster appears the all day and will not let me reason it's important to know how to ask a coffee. Too important! Like red alert. We have a lot of variations and I know it's not easy to ask what … Continue reading How to ask for a coffee in Portugal?

Turkey – Istambul – Spice Market

I love spices... So much... My perdition... I lose myself in this market! When we enter the Spice Market soon feel the smell of all spices and sweets together. The vibrant colors and the inviting sweets saying " please take me home!" But unfortunately was limited to 30 kg on the plane, so I … Continue reading Turkey – Istambul – Spice Market