Here we go again in the present station trying to get the train that will lead us to improvisation. Why? Wondering if sometimes I miss something I don’t know. Some days I don’t feel like me my thoughts and feels are combine in a sense of nonsense from time to time eventually they will pass … Continue reading Stations

Spinning words.

I have this spinning mind, messes with my head all the time, I don't really think about it, but she is here, crossing wires, making jumps, balancing rythmes,   she is free, I can't control, It's like a balloon that flows, and goes up into the air, never know, when to stop. Goes up up up, … Continue reading Spinning words.


I threw some words to the wind, to see what he will bring,   back to me.   The echoes of a song, or the whisper of the silence, neither way is wrong.   You can only appreciate the silence, when you know the noise, you can only be mindful, when you understand how deepful, your … Continue reading Words