Lamps – some captures.

Today I will just leave a few details of some lamps. This are just some few photographys taken by me in several places. I just love lamps. I would like to know if you like too and which one you like more? Really hope you enjoy! Let me know your favorite. Have a lovely weekend … Continue reading Lamps – some captures.


The other day I talked about my incredible fascination with doors, I explored a little bit what their definition represents and all its symbolism and adjacent associations. I also left a copy of some doors that reside in my memory, these with their details and colors very specific to a specific location that inspired me … Continue reading Lamps


Today I leave some photos and I would like that your imagination flow... What did you see? Leave reality and inspire criativity. When I see this kind of patterns and things, my imagination under... Did it happen to you to?   - Irina Marques All photographys and paintings by Irina Marques.  

Photography – Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

In Aveiro, Portugal, there are some striped colorful houses in Costa Nova. They are known as "palheiros" which means haystack. They were used by the fishermen that lived in this typical village to store their fishing nets. Today, this "palheiros" have been restored and brought their beautiful colors back the same you can find in "moliceiros" the boats … Continue reading Photography – Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal