Focus is that moment between the all and the dissipation. It takes a huge amout of energy.


How many times,
it’s ok,
not to be ok,
human condition.

It’s natural,
we are alive.

se are vessels,
containing all it gets.

in the breeze,
on earthquakes.

Gravitate the way you can!

Mandala Porcelain

Mandala - Porcelana.jpg
Mandala Porcelain, acrylic on canvas paper, 30cm x 30cm, September 2019, Handmade by Irina Marques.


Mandala - Porcelana(detalhe).jpg
Mandala Porcelain (detail), acrylic on canvas paper, 30cm x 30cm, September 2019, Handmade by Irina Marques.





I sent a message,

in a bottle,

she travelled across the world,

and came back,

to its origins.


So I sent,

him away,

to the unknown


Not while sinking

in the spin flowing but

while sailing on the circle,

in – conscious,

of the soft waves,

so I could know

on land,

I could walk on the sand 

be guided by a light,

and leaving my footsteps,

a smoothing mark,

even if the water clean them.   


The message

didn’t want to write fast,

so enjoy

each word and letter

how they were designed

each for each painted


it wasn’t worth it

chase great phrases

with a lot of content,

nor brief summaries,

saying nothing

let’s face

better leave

a well-structured sentence

that wakes you up

And remember,

to navigate in a circle

instead of having a mess of words

leads nowhere,

or deep down,

of a spin,

you lose control



That’s why,

what I wrote,

left no doubt,

the waters exist,

and the only way,


is sailing.


And so with words


and I forgot the purpose

of the message I sent

in a bottle.

I just thrown away into the unknown. 


In the end,

there was no bottle

and the message?

Was smoothed

by the breeze,

of a calm storm.


What a wonderful notice.



The last stage,
of a solo,
I remember very well.

It’s no good to remember.

I had to open the eyes,
they were surrounding me.

The stand,
in the middle,
with lights,
it’s not a good feeling,

I prepare to talk,
there was no sound,
keept waiting,
just falling apart.

Into pieces,
and more,

I just woke up, sense it.

I stand still,
caught in that act,
grab all the pieces together,
to perform solo.

Was all about,
the courage,
I took that beautiful violin,
and performing with my own notes.
My composition,
my music,
my strength,
to carry on.

When you feel sick and tired, try to open your eyes like G.A. music told us.

Dedication to…

Today it’s not about,

you or me,

today I decided,

to write about,


a fighter.


A person who,

followed small steps,

and told me about discipline,

a legend,

the seed.


Grateful he still here,

and I celebrate,

even far,

my heart is close,

and the words,

became whispers,

in her mind.


This particular person,

legend or hero,

I can’t tell,

it’s the source,

of this old knowledge.

One of many,

that composes my path,

one teacher,

on life – valuable one.


To my own legend,

a lots of love,


and a kiss with a smile,

whispering “You are my hero”.


It’s a fire

this dream

that I have inside.

That thin line,

in between,

the reality.


Brought me to a place,

of desire and salvation.


Holding a rope,

where the extraordinary,

holds hand with hope.

My heavy and dirty soul

shines like the rainbow,

in interception.


I already don’t mind,

what I will find,

behind these doors.


A beautiful tale or a dark nightmare?


A thing we know

Nyx and Hemera,

came from the same place.

Not in annihilation, 

but balance.



It’s not so complicated.



guides the seeks

internally and externally,

just choose

how to navigate.


Carrying all luggage,


just the necessary.

Take it or leave it,

it’s a choice.

Of so many in our lives.


The balance,


memories that are worth,

it’s all up to you.


How do you want to remember today?


The image it’s located in Porto, belongs to a monument of Infante D. Henrique, was photographed by me. This statue carry a lot of symbolism.


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