Rest in peace Nelson Mandela we will miss you!

It will always be an inspiration

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

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Hiking Castle Rail

The rail of Bouro Castle or Covide extends in memorable and historic hills of Santa Isabel.
The rail Castle covers the territory three parishes: Sta Isabel, and Chamoim Covide. Its layout features two starting points: Sta Isabel , and Chamoim Covide. Its layout features two starting points:

1 .Igreja Sta Isabel do Monte to Castle Hill ;
2 .Place of Calvary in Covide up to Castle Hill.

This way the visitor has two options: the first and longest, enables direct contact with rural architectural heritage, community and tradition agro-forestry and pastoral parish of Sta Isabel; the second, shorter, you can admire the landscape and nature Covide Castle.

Extension 16, 4 Km
Duration 6 Hours
Difficulty Moderate / Medium
Location Sta Isabel do Monte, and Chamoim Covide
Departure / arrival Sta Isabel do Monte and Covide
Access-EN 205-3 and EN-307
                 EM-536, EM-536-1




Untitled-1 copy.jpgwrew

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1 December – Restoration of Independence

Acclamation of D. John IV as king of Portugal

The Restoration of Independence was the name given to the revolutionary state coup in this day on 1640 by a group called “Os Quarenta Conjugados” attempt against the annulment of the independence of the Kingdom of Portugal for the governance of the Castilian Philippine Dynasty, and culminate in the establishment of the 4th Dynasty Portuguese – Bragança house – with the acclamation of D. JoãoD. IV.

One of the first decisions of the Portuguese Republic in 1910 was a national holiday and patriotic measure. This decision was revoked by the XIX Constitutional Government.

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Love me until the end of time by Secret Lie

I just love this music!

Love me
Until the end of time

As you grab my hand
Time slows down and stops

As I hold you tight
I wish we could be like this forever

‘cos all the time we have
We’ll share it
You and I
Chasing life

And all the time we spend
Living life
You and I
I’m just asking you to

Love me
Until the end of time

As you loose my hand
My world starts crumbling down

As I hold you tight
I know we will be like this forever

‘cos all the time we have
We’ll share it
You and i
Chasing life

‘cos all the time we spend
In this life
You and I
All I need comes from you

Love me
Until the end of time

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A walk in Santa Catarina Street

Santa Catarina it’s one of the most popular streets in Porto due to the traditional commerce and antique architecture of some store buildings.


Starting of Santa Catarina Street


Leya Bookstore and in the back Santo Ildefonso Church


In past times it was a jewelery


Majestic cafe. a must see in the town but for me a litle expensive


Tezenis store


A wall with allegorical portraits of Portugal


A store that sells Porto wine, tea, fresh coffe… and much more.

And much much more… This street is beautiful due to the details in every building!

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Turkey – Istambul – Spice Market

I love spices… So much… My perdition… I lose myself in this market!


When we enter the Spice Market soon feel the smell of all spices and sweets together. The vibrant colors and the inviting sweets saying ” please take me home!” But unfortunately was limited to 30 kg on the plane, so I had to restrain myself … as far as possible.
And Türk Lokumu were the best candy I ate, it’s a pity I can not find anywhere in Portugal, I think I’ll have to return to Turkey to eat this delicacy again! Here we can find all kind of dried fruits, spices for all tastes the underfull Turkish Delight and all kind of teas.
Traders are an extreme kindness and made a great effort to try to understand (those who don’t speak english), in my case, to know where I was (the ones that don’t know Portugal) I enough speak the word Cristiano Ronaldo.






Someday I’ll come back! I simply loved this place.

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Desfado by Ana Moura

Quer o destino que eu não creia no destino
E o meu fado é nem ter fado nenhum
Cantá-lo bem sem sequer o ter sentido
Senti-lo como ninguém, mas não ter sentido algum

Ai que tristeza, esta minha alegria
Ai que alegria, esta tão grande tristeza
Esperar que um dia eu não espere mais um dia
Por aquele que nunca vem e que aqui esteve presente

Ai que saudade
Que eu tenho de ter saudade
Saudades de ter alguém
Que aqui está e não existe
Sentir-me triste
Só por me sentir tão bem
E alegre sentir-me bem
Só por eu andar tão triste

Ai se eu pudesse não cantar “ai se eu pudesse”
E lamentasse não ter mais nenhum lamento
Talvez ouvisse no silêncio que fizesse
Uma voz que fosse minha cantar alguém cá dentro

Ai que desgraça esta sorte que me assiste
Ai mas que sorte eu viver tão desgraçada
Na incerteza que nada mais certo existe
Além da grande certeza de não estar certa de nada

Whether the fate that I do not believe in fate
And it’s my fate that I don’t have any fate
Sing it well without even have the felling
Felling like no one, but do not have any sense

Oh how sad this joy that I have
Oh how glad, this deep sadness!
Wait for the day that I don’t wait for another day
For someone that never arrives and that have been present

Oh how I miss
To have something to miss
Miss having someone
That has been here and does not exist
To feel sad
Just because I’m feeling so well and happy
To feel happy
Just because I’m feeling so sad

Oh if I could not sing “oh if I could”
And regretted not having any more sorry
Maybe I could hear, then, as I fell silent,
A voice that was my singing somebody in here

Oh what misfortune, this good luck befallen on me!
Oh what good luck to live in such an unfortunate manner
With the incertitude that no thing is more certain
Than the great incertitude of being certain about nothing

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