Mind lost on desert, environment with no reference, the north became south, there is no east or west, just have to look up, pieces by pieces compose this labyrinth, trapped inside itself.   Did it make sense? Confusion of non-sense, can be intense.   The perception,  in the middle, of the inception, cross the line … Continue reading Mind.

Fifth lesson – The circles

Until now, we have drawn lines of support so that we can draw our mandala with the same spacing, but for these to be elaborated with detail and precision we will resort to circles. The circle in its symbology has several associations, it is above all that we will work on our mandala. As I … Continue reading Fifth lesson – The circles


What color mean to you?   To me, a universe of opening eyes.   Perception, imagination, fulfillment.   A world of possibilities, probabilities, enchantment, magic, wonder.   A wonderland of joint, combination, elaborate interpretation, of what reside in your mind, communication? Illustration? Association? Definitely a dissipation, of reality. - Irina Marques


Today I leave some photos and I would like that your imagination flow... What did you see? Leave reality and inspire criativity. When I see this kind of patterns and things, my imagination under... Did it happen to you to?   - Irina Marques All photographys and paintings by Irina Marques.